Health guidance that’s clearly understood is more likely followed. Help those you care for feel better equipped to make decisions about their health with Krames print education that:

  • Improves comprehension of often complex medical concepts
  • Supports providers’ recommendations
  • Reassures patients, their families, and their caregivers

Anatomy of Krames education—words and pictures that tell a story.   

Krames patient education materials example


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Here's how to ensure those you care for understand health guidance, from a Krames expert. Read our blog post, 5 ways to maximize health literacy:

The health care industry continues to make major advancements that improve patients’ health and lives. Yet health care providers still face an ongoing fundamental challenge: ensuring that patients understand their own medical conditions and treatment plans.

Health literacy is the underlying issue. Low health literacy costs the health care system and organizations $238 billion a year. Why? [Read more...]




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