You're busier than ever. That's why we're streamlining your Krames store shopping experience by preselecting brochures and pamphlets to meet the health needs of those you care for who are living with diabetes. Instead of wading through titles that don't pertain to your patients, get right to the resources you need to reinforce your care instructions and activate patient health. 

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Mental health

Living with diabetes takes a toll on more than the body. It may create an emotional strain that comes with tracking blood sugar levels, dosing insulin, and planning healthy meals. Support those you care for in managing their mental health as they manage their diabetes. 


Life happens: Regaining your emotional balance after a stressful life event

You've got this

You've got this: Regaining control in an anxious world

Controlling stress for life

Controlling stress for life

Dealing with depression

Dealing with depression


Health and wellness

Whether your patients' goals include eating healthier, managing their weight, or quitting smoking, our wellness titles can help them get and stay on a healthier track. 



Customize our content

Customize our content to fit your practice

Remind patients to turn to you for additional guidance and resources by imprinting your practice logo and contact information on materials you provide. Use them to promote your patient portal, encourage referrals, or serve as appointment reminders.